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Mother Nature;

the fount of inspiration


"The task of the larger leaves is to protect small leaves, the smaller leaves grow under the shelter of the larger leaves, plants needing more water have leaves and structures that facilitate absorption, they grow near to those needing less water, plants that need more light grow higher, protecting those that prefer the shade ..."


"... A world apart, also made of small creatures, muffled sounds and overlaid smells, a perfectly balanced universe where giant multicolored butterflies imbibe essences invisible to our eyes, gaudy millipedes race each other through the foliage, bizarre fungi retain moisture, capturing nutrients from the soil, gigantic flowers create short lived micro environments, vines, moss, lianas and parasitic orchids vie for possession of the towering skyward reaching trunks, carnivorous plants fatally attract the insects which nourish them, symmetries and unthinkable geometries of plant forms, alchemy and the magic of the interactions of the flora and fauna which all have a role in the complex mechanisms of nature at work in a forest. The jungle; that air saturated with oxygen which fills the lungs, those shy but well-designed rays of sun traced by a divine hand that travel across the tree tops and fill the mind with energy. Lifeblood for creativity ".

Francis M. - Landscape Designer



During research into jungles and forests the desire to reproduce the miraculous perfection of nature was born in us, decorating spaces with selected items that harmoniously complement each other.

The genesis of

"Jungle Concept Design"