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We have been expanding gradually from 1988 and we are now world leaders and a benchmark for green decor. During the course of our continuous evolution, we have created unique products that have generated trends and styles.

With authentic looking botanical rated for use in both interior and exterior settings designers, planners and architects can choose from a wide section including indoor & outdoor artificial plant, trees, tropical flower bushes, hedges, topiaries and more.

ILA international constructs its Semi-Artificial or Semi-Natural plants by mixing technology and balancing shapes and colors, thus valorizing the intrinsic beauty of nature while maintaining the quality unaltered over the course of time.

Like real artworks, the creations of ILA international assume fundamental aesthetic values, capable of naturally and easily enhancing all the environments in which they are placed. Our Consultants have the expertise to assist you in all aspects of your project, from the initial design through to supply and installation.